Yoga Poses

View range of yoga poses.

Standing Postures

Standing Postures connect us to the Earth & require awareness in the feet & legs.

Standing Postures

Sitting Postures

Sitting Postures require a certain flexibility in the ankles, legs & hips.

2 Sitting Postures

Inverted Postures

In Inversions our world is literally turned upside down – giving us a fresh perspective.

 3 Inverted Postures

Twisting Postures

Twists require us to look at & acknowledge all that lies to the right of us, to the left of us, in front of & behind us.

 4 Twisting Postures

Back Bending Postures

Backbends require much courage as they open our hearts.

5 Back Bending Postures

Forward Bending Postures

Forward Bending Postures cool & calm the nervous system. Time to truely look within.

6 Forward Bending Postures